Aluminum Shell Furnace

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Place Of Origin Guangxi China Power (Kw) 400
Condition Brand New Selling Point Easy To Operate
Type Induction Furnace Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plants,Energy And Mining
Usage Melting Furnace Product Name Metal Furnace
Brand Name Runxiang Application Melting Metal
Voltage 380V Features Energy Saving

Introduction to the composition of aluminum shell furnace:

Aluminum shell intermediate frequency melting furnace is composed of intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor bank, aluminum shell furnace body, reducer, tilt furnace control box, water-cooled cable, reducer and so on. The aluminum shell furnace body is two semi-circular aluminum alloy furnace shell structures. The furnace body is composed of refractory cement asbestos board and non-magnetic conductive material bolts. The aluminum shell is equipped with inductor coils, furnace linings, crucibles, etc. The core copper tube of the intermediate frequency furnace is wound according to the required size and number of turns, and is an important part of the furnace body. Generally, two furnace bodies are configured, one for production use and the other for standby. Equipped with a reducer tilting furnace mechanism, the reducer bracket is fixed on the basic seat, and the entire furnace body can be tilted 95 degrees, the molten metal material can be poured out and restored to a horizontal position.

The use of aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace:

The aluminum shell furnace is mainly used for the melting, refining and heat preservation of cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum), precious metals (such as gold, silver) carbon steel, alloy steel, and special steel, and can be used with blast furnaces. run in conjunction. Applicable materials: iron, steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, lead, etc.

The characteristics of aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace:

Aluminum Shell Furnace

1. Good heat dissipation performance, low cost and small footprint;

2. Rapid smelting, low production cost; low pollution;

3. The furnace body is easy to turn over and pour, the metal composition is uniform, and the temperature is uniform and easy to control;

4. It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be completely emptied, and it is convenient to change the variety of melting materials;

5. Low noise and good working environment;

6. According to the different requirements of various metal smelting, carefully designed;

7. For induction coils of various specifications, the wall thickness and specifications of copper pipes are reasonably selected, thereby improving the utilization rate of electric energy;

8. Use high-performance insulating materials;

9. The inter-turn gap of the induction coil is convenient for maintenance and is conducive to the release of water vapor;

10. To improve the working environment, a smoke collecting device can be selected.

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