Ancillary equipment

  • Industrial Speed Reducer

    Industrial Speed Reducer

    Product Name Reducer Material Wear-resistant steel Brand Runxiang Category Gear reducer Processing custom Yes Gear type Cylindrical gear reducer Drive Electric Installation form Horizontal Principle Water-cooled Layout Coaxial type Color Green Tooth surface hardness Hard tooth surface Paint Environmental protection Usage Lifting, mining, oil and other industries The mill reducer is a reducer that should be placed horizontally and transmitted to the mill by a universal cou...
  • Ingot Casting Mold

    Ingot Casting Mold

    Brand Runxiang Whether To Customize Yes Place Of Origin China Mainland Specification Customized Whether To Export Yes Surface Treatment: Grinding Shot Blasting Ingot casting mold is the mould that makes the steel solidify into ingots, mostly used for pig iron casting. Ingot mould is the big total ingot casting equipment used in the turnaround of die casting production in steel mills, which has a very important influence on the surface and internal quality of steel nails. Its shap...
  • Bearing


    Bearing is an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the coefficient of friction during its movement, and ensure its rotary accuracy.

  • Wear-Resistant Composite Board

    Wear-Resistant Composite Board

    Abrasion resistant composite plate production process. Purchase substrate → substrate overlay welding → plate leveling → cutting off material → splicing forming → packing factory Performance advantages of wear-resistant composite plate Wear-resistant composite steel plate has the characteristics of high wear resistance, impact resistance and easy processing, and can be connected with other structural parts by welding, plug welding and bolting, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, cement, coa...
  • Roll Repair Submerged Arc Welding

    Roll Repair Submerged Arc Welding

    Roll repair submerged arc welding is a strong welding arc buried welding method, natural in the welding process can not see the arc, and most of the automatic welding, labor conditions are greatly improved. Submerged arc welding, the principle of selecting the welding specification is: to ensure a stable burning arc, weld shape and size to meet the requirements, the surface is formed smooth and neat, no internal pores, slag, cracks, not weld through, weld tumor and other defects. Commonly use...
  • High Speed AC Motor

    High Speed AC Motor

    AC motor is a device that converts the electrical energy of alternating current into mechanical energy.

  • Steel Rolling Mill Reducer

    Steel Rolling Mill Reducer

    The input shaft of the mill reducer is connected to the motor by a drum tooth coupling, and is transmitted to the mill by a universal coupling through a reduction shunt, respectively.

  • Roller Table

    Roller Table

    The roller conveyor is mainly composed of guide plate, guard plate and several rolls, as well as multiple motors and their drive shafts and reducers.

  • DC Motor

    DC Motor

    A DC motor is a rotating motor that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy (DC motor) or mechanical energy into DC electrical energy (DC generator).

  • Universal Rod

    Universal Rod

    Brand Runxiang Place Of Origin Mainland China Specification Customized Usage Cnc Machine Tool Accessories Type Universal Rods Type High Precision Cnc Machine Tools Applicable Industry Construction Material Stores, Manufacturing Plants, Machine Repair Stores, Energy And Mining Core Components Bearings Features. 1. High strength and high toughness, fatigue and multiple impact resistance after heat treatment. 2. High concentricity, fine workmanship and precise size. 3. Large adju...
  • Discharge Machine

    Discharge Machine

    The tapping machine is located directly in front of the tapping side of the heating furnace. It is a device used to take out the heated slabs in the heating furnace and place them on the tapping rollers smoothly. It can be single-discharged or double-rowed according to the slabs of different lengths. material.

  • Speed Reducer

    Speed Reducer

    • Model:50~1600
    • The gear material:45#、20CrMnTi
    • The weight of the:1ton~35ton
    • Speed ratio:1::1-8
    • Product description: Two shaft reducer, mainly used for rolling mill control speed to improve torque
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