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Continuous casting machine production process. The high-temperature molten steel is continuously poured into one or a group of water-cooled copper crystallizers, and the molten steel is gradually solidified into a blank shell along the periphery of the crystallizer. After the steel liquid level rises to a certain height and the blank shell solidifies to a certain thickness, the tension leveler pulls out the blank, and the slab is cooled by water spraying in the secondary cooling area to completely solidify the slab, which is cut to a fixed length by the cutting device according to the requirements of steel rolling. This process of directly pouring high-temperature molten steel into billet is called continuous casting. Its appearance has fundamentally changed the one-off rolling process of steel ingots, which has dominated for a century. Because it simplifies the production process, improves the production efficiency and metal yield, saves energy consumption, greatly reduces the production cost and has good billet quality, it has developed rapidly. In today’s steelmaking enterprises, whether it is long process steelmaking or short process steelmaking, the allocation of continuous caster is almost inevitable.

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