Gas Producer Furnace

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A Gas Producer Furnace refers to a reactor used to produce gas, water gas and semi-water gas. The furnace body is cylindrical, the outer shell is made of steel plate or bricks, lined with refractory bricks, and equipped with feeding equipment, blast pipes and gas pipes. According to the structure, it can be divided into mechanical generator, step generator, generator with rotating shaft and two-stage generator. According to the process, it can be divided into fixed bed or fluidized bed gas generator.

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If a coal gasification technology is to be widely used in actual production, it must have the characteristics of economy, environmental protection and feasibility. There is no universal coal gasification furnace type and technology. All kinds of coal gasification furnace types and gasification technologies have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as their adaptability to coal types and applicability to target products.
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, coal gas generators have integrated the advantages of the above technologies, and are closely related to the actual production situation, and have been widely used in industrial heating. Fully affirmed by the majority of industrial users. Especially in the building ceramics industry, the role of the gas furnace is even more important. Coal gasifiers are developing towards miniaturization, simplification, environmental protection and low production costs, and towards on-site production and on-site use, so as to minimize operation links and reduce energy loss. This can not only meet the requirements of the majority of industrial users, but also meet the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies.
Since the use of the gas generator avoids the pollution of the atmosphere by the exhaust gas produced by coal combustion, the new equipment such as the gas generator has developed rapidly after it was put into use.

Gas Producer Furnace

Many people feel at a loss when they hear about a gas generator for the first time, so what is it used for? In fact, many customers who use gas generators know that gas generator gas is a kind of fuel obtained from coal gasification Gas, but the main use of gasifier gas is industrial fuel.
With the development of industry, the development of coal, natural gas and oil, the proportion of coal in the energy composition of various countries has gradually decreased, resulting in an energy crisis in countries around the world. The gas generator is also adapting to the market demand and being updated from generation to generation.
The specific use of gas generator gas:
Use 1. Gas producer gas can be used for heating industrial furnaces, such as: forging furnaces and heat treatment furnaces in the machinery industry; molten pools in the glass industry; tunnel kilns in the grinding wheel and refractory industries.
Use 2. Coal gas generator gas can be used for smoke and dust removal of various boilers. Various industrial boilers, especially small and medium-sized boilers, are very serious in the production of smoke and dust. Furnace gas as fuel is one of the good methods recognized at home and abroad.

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