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Flying shear is responsible for shearing important equipment in the flying shear line, flying shear is divided into double crank rotary, single crank and rotary.

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China Power 500-10000
Brand Name Runxiang Dimension(L*W*H) 1.7*1.3*1.5
Type Hot Rolling Mill Warranty 1 Year
Condition New Key Selling Points High Productivity
Marketing Type New Product 2023 Applicable Industries Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Retail, Construction works
Warranty of core components 1 Year Product name Steel Rolling Mill
Core Components Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear Color Any
Voltage 380V/6000V Specifications Customization

Classification: double crank rotary, single crank and rotary. Flying shear is a kind of shear machine, the movement of the rolling parts for lateral shear. Flying shears are mainly used to shear small and medium billets, thin slabs, small sections (bars) and hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip steel (including coated). Also used to cut the plate edge of the disc shear down to shred (i.e., shredder).

Basic requirements

Flying ShearDue to the characteristics of the flying shear is able to shear the movement of rolling parts laterally. Sizing flying shear should ensure good shear quality, that is, accurate sizing, neat cutting surface and a wide range of sizing adjustment, but also a certain shear speed. Thus, the structure and performance of flying shears, in the shearing process must meet some of the following basic requirements.

(1) Can shear the movement of the rolled parts, the quality of the shear section to meet the relevant provisions of national standards. That is, the requirements of the flying shear with a reasonable shearing mechanism.

(2) Can shear the rolled parts into the required length, and can be cut in the same flying shear on a variety of fixed length, size tolerance in line with the provisions of national standards (for cutting head flying shear requirements can be accurately cut in the required parts). This requires flying shears have accurate length adjustment mechanism.

(3) Can meet the requirements of the mill or unit productivity.

(4) The speed of flying shear must be adapted to the speed of the rolled parts, in order to ensure the quality of the rolled parts and prevent equipment accidents.

Flying shear type

According to the basic requirements of the flying shears and working characteristics, flying shears are generally composed of shearing mechanism, adjusting the shear length mechanism, shear blade gap adjustment mechanism and transmission mechanism.

In the production of flying shears used in many types.

According to the flying shear shear rolling parts, can be divided into cutting head flying shear and fixed-foot flying shear.

According to the temperature of the sheared rolled parts, flying shears have hot and cold cutting points.

According to the relative position of the two blades, there are parallel blades and oblique blades and disc blades.

According to the structure of the flying shear form and blade movement, can be divided into many types, and with the development of modern high-speed rolling mill, the new type of flying shear continue to appear, the more widely used are: disc-type flying shear, roller flying shear, crank rotary flying shear, swing flying shear, horizontal flying shear, etc.

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