Medium Frequency Melting Electric Furnace

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Medium frequency melting electric furnace is often used in the field of some metal material refining, this kind of medium frequency melting electric furnace is very easy to manipulate, the actual operation is very easy, safety, then by everyone and I master the whole process of medium frequency melting electric furnace and the advantages and disadvantages of the detailed introduction it.

Medium frequency melting electric furnace

A, Melting electric furnace

Electric furnace melting electromagnetic energy for the heat source of the melting method of the collective name. Electric furnace melting, preferably gray cast iron and gray iron melting in turn, if the melting in turn, can enhance the application of many furnace wall deadline. According to the heating method is divided into electric solitary melting, electric arc resistor compound building melting, magnetic induction melting. Generally used for non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloy, tin, nickel and other metal materials refining.

Second, The whole process

Electric furnace electricity by three electrodes to provide three-phase alternating current, recovery melting heat required by the electrode and slag touching the arc discharge and electric flow according to the charge and coal ash caused, that is, the heat in the internal structure of the charge caused, so the charge melting and chemical changes in the internal structure of the charge is carried out, therefore, the melting of the electric furnace is a passivation reaction and slagging at the same time to achieve, near the electrode of coal ash, because the temperature The ash close to the electrode, because of the temperature rise and slag in the reflection of the formation of vapor to reduce its relative density and upward adjustment along the electrode, to the surface and then spread to the surrounding level, while the lower temperature of the furnace charge is digested to absorb the thermal energy of the superheated ash and melting, has melted the furnace charge and has reduced the temperature of the ash mixed together, due to its relative density increased and downward, when down to the deep layer of the electrode inserted, part of the level of fitness movement to the electrode and become a continuous Repeated part, and the rest of the part is again the foundation sinks to the end of the pile, and along with the furnace material under the melting surface for level fitness movement, is so the majority of the melt down into the lower more quiet slag layer, and carry out the slag and the overall goal of separation out.

Electric furnace meltingvvv

Third, the advantages and disadvantages  

The characteristics of electric furnace melting are:  

(1) fusion temperature is easy to adjust, and can get a higher temperature, can solve the raw materials containing more silicides, coal ash is easy to superheat, beneficial to the recovery of ferric tetroxide, slag with a lower amount of valuable metal materials.

(2) furnace supply gas volume is smaller, the dust content is lower. Sound electric furnace sealing, can enhance the concentration value of soot sulfur dioxide, and can be used.

(3)The quality of raw materials into the scope of large, can solve some miscellaneous materials, return material.

(4)Very easy to manipulate, conducive to the actual operation, easy to complete the specialization and automation technology.

(5) low furnace gas temperature, heat utilization efficiency of 45% ~ 60%, the rotary kiln and part of the furnace body can be built with cheap refractory clay bricks wall.

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