Exhaust gas purification technology of steel rolling engineering

Steel rolling products are a variety of products, and different treatment processes will produce harmful waste gas causing environmental pollution, which not only cause harm to human health, but also cause bad effects on the quality of equipment and products.However, before the 1980s, there was almost no other exhaust gas treatment system for the steel rolling engineering, except for the purification system of the acid washing tank.

With the improvement of the national air pollutant emission standards and environmental sanitation standards, the public awareness of environmental protection and the enhanced awareness of energy consumption problems, as well as the change of steel rolling process and the improvement of equipment operation speed, how to solve the problem of steel rolling environmental pollution has been increasingly concerned by more people.Iron and steel enterprises have increased investment in the treatment of steel rolling waste gas, set up a purification system without the waste gas purification system, and reformed the abandoned waste gas purification system.All this has brought business opportunities to the environmental protection work, and also put forward higher requirements.This makes the waste gas purification system design not only to meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also according to the different characteristics of each project and the needs of customers, in the saving of investment, saving energy consumption, system safety and reliable three aspects of comprehensive balance, to find out the best solution.


Exclusive flue gas trap cover
Waste gas purification cover is important in the system as the core equipment of waste gas purification.Due to the complex situation around the mill, it is more difficult to design the flue gas traps.The guiding ideology of designing the flue gas trap is to meet the collection of flue gas to the maximum extent, and not to make the exhaust gas overflow from the smoke cover, but also to facilitate the operation of steel rolling process operation, and in order to save investment, the cover should be as small as possible.repeatedly discussed with the rolling mill operator on the normal operation process, operation habits, operation fault monitoring, equipment maintenance requirements, and measured on the site, set up a fast door for the crew to observe the operation of the unit and quickly eliminate small faults, reducing the parking time and improving the production efficiency.

Design various exhaust gas purification systems matched with different purification equipment
Specifically, it includes the flue gas purification system of plate strip hot rolling mill, continuous rolling mill, cold rolling mill, leveling machine and welding machine, continuous pickling line, cleaning section of continuous retreat and galvanized unit, waste gas purification of color coating room, and dust removal system of straightening scale breaker, etc.These production lines produce exhaust gas containing various different components, such as oil mist, dust, acid gas, alkali gas, and organic solvent volatiles.MCC Jingcheng technical experts for different exhaust gas, matching different purification equipment, from treating all kinds of acid-alkali mist washing tower to treating organic matter activated carbon adsorption device, from oil fog filter to treating water mist wet dust plastic burning board dust collector, design the purification system meeting the requirements, processing dust emission concentration from 100mg / Nm3 to 10mg / Nm3, much higher than the national environmental protection standards.In addition, the equipment engineer has also developed a series of dust treatment of pulse cloth bag dust collector products, applicable to different size system requirements, to meet the national environmental protection and environmental sanitation requirements.

Steam / waste flue gas refrigeration technology
In today's increasingly valuable energy, energy should be more effectively distributed and used than ever.In areas that need heating, after winter heating, the steam for heating is rich.The application of steam refrigeration technology is effectively applied to the rich heating steam in summer.Frozen water is produced by the lithium bromide absorption refrigeration unit with steam as the heat source, which is used in the centralized air conditioning system, replacing the air conditioning unit with power as the energy source.Steam condensate is recovered through the condensate recovery device.In terms of system design, water treatment equipment, delivery / exhaust equipment, water pipe and air duct also shoulder the use function in winter and summer.Transfer frozen water pipeline in summer, convert to heating pipe network in winter, and transfer the hot water needed in winter.End equipment for cold wind in summer, hot wind in winter.

Post time: Jan-04-2022