Flying shear motion control

Flying shear is a very common motion control, and it is a little different from ordinary electronic cams. The original concept of electronic cam is to replace mechanical cam with electrical structure. is a cam. But the digital quantity can never reach the analog quantity, and can only approach infinitely. Flying shears and flying shears are both used for fixed lengths, so what is the difference?

1. If the flying shears run in one direction, there is no need to consider reversal, and the flying shears must be reversed and chased back.

2. The flying shear can use the pulse to add the direction, but the chasing shear can’t. Why, because the pulse addition direction has a delay in the forward and reverse adjustment, the pulse addition direction needs to move the direction foot first, and then the pulse foot.

Flying Shear

3. The objects cut by the flying shears must be cut instantly. If the cutting is continuous, it will definitely cause mechanical damage. If the material is relatively thick, then consider chasing.

Secondly, although the flying shear is an electronic cam, it is not a cam structure, but only uses the cam concept. Instead, the chase is more like a cam. In addition, the cam market of the electronic cam is changing according to the parameters. This is the biggest advantage of the electronic cam, which can be applied to the length cutting of many specifications. Finally, electronic cams are always electronic cams, which cannot achieve the accuracy of mechanical cams, and can only be approached infinitely, not 100% accurate.

Post time: Jul-09-2022