What Is The Difference Between An Intermediate Frequency Copper Melting Furnace And An Oil-Fired Copper Melting Furnace?

Generally speaking, the main purpose of the medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace is the melting of copper metal materials. The main purpose of the oil-fired copper melting furnace is the melting of copper metal materials. It is very convenient to install and operate.

Copper melting furnace, medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace, the power supply is 80~2500KkW, the melting capacity is 0.05T-5T, and the efficiency is high. process.

The copper melting furnaces currently required in the market are generally based on their process requirements (for raw materials and product quality), usually copper and brass or copper alloys as raw materials. Commonly used products after copper melting include copper rods, copper ingots, copper platoon, electronic product parts, etc. Generally, factories that use a small amount of copper or factories that do not have high requirements on the quality of copper products can use small copper melting converters.

Intermediate frequency furnace

At present,the design and manufacture of the intermediate frequency copper melting furnace can be said to be fully mature in terms of technology.For the heating of small-sized billet forging billets, it has been widely used because it is easy to realize automation and continuity; for the heating of non-ferrous metal extrusion billets, even large-sized billets tend to use power frequency induction heating. Trend, suitable for melting a large amount of metal or production, the melting time of each furnace is 20-30 minutes, and the melting speed of low melting point metal or crucible with small melting speed will be faster. Easy to install, safe to operate, and learn in minutes, no professional required. It can be seen that the development trend of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is very fast.

The oil-fired copper melting furnace has a 24-hour uninterrupted melting capacity, which saves electricity and energy; it is convenient to replace furnace bodies with different weights, different materials, and different starting methods to meet various melting requirements. Energy saving, convenient transportation, long storage time and convenient processing.

Post time: Aug-08-2022