Why Steel Shell Furnace Is So Popular

Steel shell furnace, also known as intermediate frequency furnace, is an advanced metal smelting equipment, which is highly sought after by all walks of life for its excellent performance and performance. Guangxi Runxiang Machinery is a well-known manufacturer of these furnaces with extensive expertise in smelting equipment, metal heat treatment and machining. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of steel shell furnaces and why they are an excellent addition to any smelting operation.

Steel shell furnace is among the most energy efficient furnaces on the market. Small flux leakage, high efficiency, nearly 10% energy saving than aluminum shell. In addition, it is also designed with a leak-proof furnace alarm device, which can foresee any potential penetration risks and remind users to prioritize safe production. This makes it more reliable and reduces the risks associated with operating the furnace, increasing productivity and profitability in the long run.

One of the outstanding features of the steel shell furnace is its hydraulic station tilting device, which allows the furnace to be easily tilted during operation. The furnace body is welded with high-quality steel structure, which is more stable, strong and durable, ensuring long-term use and reliability. In addition, the inductor is enclosed by a yoke that covers more than 80% of the area, making it more energy-efficient and efficient.

Smelting Furnace

The design of the steel shell furnace meets the requirements of environmental protection. The furnace body is designed with a cyclone-type environmental protection dust removal and heat preservation furnace cover system, which meets the requirements of the environmental impact assessment. Its modern features make it not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly. This way, the user can operate the furnace efficiently, mindful of the environmental impact.

As a leading manufacturer of steel shell furnaces, Guangxi Runxiang Machinery is committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient equipment that meets their needs. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals in the production process from steelmaking, steel casting, heat treatment, machining to surfacing welding. The integrated industrial chain of smelting, casting, metal heat treatment and mechanical processing ensures the production of high-quality equipment with long service life and stable performance.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient melting furnace, a steel shell furnace is a good choice. They are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, making them an excellent addition to any smelting operation. Guangxi Runxiang Machinery is known for producing top-notch smelting equipment, and their steel shell furnaces are no exception. Contact the company today for all your smelting needs and they will deliver in a timely manner.

Post time: May-22-2023