Working characteristics and classification of the rollers

The roll is a rolling production process by the friction force formed between the rolling roll into the rolling joint and causes compression to produce plastic deformation.The purpose of the rolling is to give the rolled material a certain shape, size, and performance.The roll is an important part that directly contacts with the rolling parts in the steel mill and causes plastic deformation of the metal. It is also a consuming part. It has a great impact on the indicators of high production, high quality and low consumption in the steel rolling production. In order to improve the rolling process, the rollers on the rolling equipment are usually used by casting or forging.Guangxi Runxiang Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., to ensure the rolling steel production consumption demand.


I.Working characteristics of the roller

1) It can bear great rolling pressure and torque when working, and sometimes have dynamic load, such as when the initial rolling mill works, the roller bears great inertia force and impact.
2) Can work under high temperature or high temperature variation.Due to the high rolling temperature and cooling water, the roll is rotated, hot and cold, so cracks and cracks are gradually produced under the alternating stress.Under the cold rolling conditions, the cold rolling pressure is very heavy, so the working conditions are also extremely heavy.
3) As the roll is constantly worn during rolling, the quality of rolling parts and the life of rolling.


II.Roller classification

It can be divided into three types by type of mill.
1. Hole-type roll is used for rolling large, medium, small, various types of steel, wire and primary rolling billet, with a rolling groove engraved on the roll to form the rolling parts.
2. The flat rolling plate belt mill roller belongs to this category. In order to ensure that the roll parts have a good plate type, the roll surface is made into a slightly convex or concave roll type.
3. Special roller It is used for perforators, wheel mills and other special rollers, and the rollers have various different shapes.


Post time: Jan-04-2022