rolling mill

  • Rebar Rolling Mill

    Rebar Rolling Mill

    Since the 1980s, the development of section steel production equipment has been relatively slow compared to plate and strip mills. Although the rolling mill structure has been greatly improved, such as the development of cantilever CL mill, short stress line high stiffness HS mill, short stress line universal mill, etc., but no completely new type of rebar rolling mill, rolling speed is not much. The new development of section steel production equipment mainly lies in. (1) Continuous casting...
  • Industrial Three-Roller Rolling Mill

    Industrial Three-Roller Rolling Mill

    Three-Roller Rolling Mill has three rolls to achieve rolling, the diameter of the upper and lower rolls is larger, which helps the motor drive, the diameter of the middle roll is smaller, by the upper and lower rolls friction drive.

  • Aluminum Plate Rolling Mill

    Aluminum Plate Rolling Mill

    The plate mill is a new type of control system that increases productivity and reduces raw materials and energy.

  • Rolling Mill Machine

    Rolling Mill Machine

    Rolling mill is the equipment to achieve the metal rolling process, refers to the completion of the whole process of rolling material production equipment. Rolling Mill Machine according to the number of rollers can be divided into two rollers, four rollers, six rollers, eight rollers, twelve rollers, eighteen rollers, etc.; according to the arrangement of the rollers can be divided into “L” type, “T” type, “F” type, “Z” type and “S”...
  • Two-Roll Mill

    Two-Roll Mill

    Brand Runxiang Dimensions Custom Made Alias Metal Rolling Mill Number Of Rolls Two Rolls Rolled Form Cross Rolling Applicable Industries Machinery Industry Suitable Wide Range Of Uses Craft Cold Rolled The equipment of the two-roll mill is an experimental equipment for cold rolling of low carbon steel and non-ferrous metal sheets. It has an advanced computer acquisition device for rolling process parameters, which can measure the pressure, torque, motor power, speed and other p...
  • Three Roller Cogging Mill

    Three Roller Cogging Mill

    The billet removing phosphorus is rolled between lower roll and middle roll,and put up the billet by lift table to the center of middle roll and top roll rolling,repeatedly,untill achieve the required thickness.

  • Frame


    1. Base material: the base material shall be correctly selected according to its structure, process, cost, production batch and production cycle, Common are: (1) Cast iron: it is easy to cast into parts with complex shape; The price is cheaper; Cast iron has large internal friction and good vibration resistance. his The disadvantages are long production cycle and high single piece production cost; Castings are easy to produce waste products and the quality is not easy to control; Machining al...
  • Vertical mill

    Vertical mill

    The utility model relates to a vertical rolling mill, which comprises a rolling mill body and a roll drive motorMachine, gear box, universal joint shaft, rolling mill bracket and motor support platform;The rolling mill body comprises a frame and two rollsThe axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane; The output of the roll drive motor.The shaft is connected with the input shaft of the gearbox, and the two output shafts of the gearbox are dividedDo not connect the two rolls of the rolling ...
  • Short Stress Rolling Mill

    Short Stress Rolling Mill

    Short stress line rolling mill, also known as no archway rolling mill, is a kind of high stiffness rolling mill, which is used as section steel When the rolling mill is used, it should not only have high radial stiffness, but also have high Axial stiffness. At present, many types of short stress line mills have been developed in China, such as Gy Type, Hb type, CW type, sy type, GW type and DW type, among which there are three representative types It is Gy type short stress line rolling mill,...
  • Vertical rolling mill

    Vertical rolling mill

    • Model:250-650
    • Size:φ280-800
    • Billet size:60×60~250×250
    • Motor power:130~1000KW
    • Product description: Roughing mill for the production of various steels
  • Steel rolling equipment 01 (Rolling mill column)

    Steel rolling equipment 01 (Rolling mill column)

    The material:High quality cast steel
    mill roll diameter:φ280-700

  • Continuous rolling mill(High stiffness)

    Continuous rolling mill(High stiffness)

    • Model:250-650
    • Size:φ280-800
    • Billet size:60×60~250×250
    • Rolling Speed:3m~35m/s
    • Product description: Continuous rolling mill for production of various steels
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