Three Roller Cogging Mill

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The billet removing phosphorus is rolled between lower roll and middle roll,and put up the billet by lift table to the center of middle roll and top roll rolling,repeatedly,untill achieve the required thickness.

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Brand Runxiang Roll Width 350-2200
Weight 5000-12000kg Roller Length 1.5m-4m
Number Of Rolls 2-4 Roll Sleeve Material Ductile Iron, Infinite Chill, 70Cr2Mo
Rolling Speed 2.4m/s-45m/s Roll Hardness 63-78
Rolled Form Row, Row Bars Can Be Produced 8-200
Rolling Temperature Above 950 degrees Celsius Can Produce Strip <660mm
Roll Diameter 280-1300 Angle Steel Can Be Produced 2.5#-30#


The three-roller billeting machine is used to roll the rolling stock from the heating furnace into the required shape, size, structure and properties for the lower stand rolling mill to bite. Because the temperature of the rolled piece just out of the heating furnace is high, the plasticity of the steel is good, and the deformation resistance is low. The size of the roll is also large, and the rolled piece has good performance and no residual stress. The internal structure of the rolled piece is dense, the grain size is small, and there are no bubbles.

The main function of the blanking machine is to reciprocate the billet heated by the heating furnace, and roll it into a certain size of the intermediate billet for the continuous rolling mill. Before the hot billet heated by the heating furnace is transported to the billeting machine through the roller table, the control system determines whether the steel turning equipment is turned over according to the tool parameters and rolling procedures preset by HM1; the pressing equipment automatically reaches the set roll gap. ; After the push bed aligns the billet with the rolling pass, the roller table and roll run will send the billet to the blanking machine, and the blanking machine will bite the steel and start rolling. When the billeting machine throws the steel, the rolling of this pass is completed, and the next pass is entered, and so on and so forth until the required pass of rolling is completed.

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