Metal Hydraulic Crocodile Shears

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Crocodile shears are crocodile shears, which are a kind of metal shears.

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Type Shearing Machine Material Thickness Range Custom Made
Suitable Rebar Cut Off Tolerance± Custom Made
Brand Runxiang Cut Off Speed Custom Made

Application: Crocodile shears are suitable for cold shearing of various shapes of steel and various metal structures in metal recycling companies, scrap steel plants, smelting and casting companies

Product features:
1. Simple operation and easy to use.
2. Using high-quality materials, after multiple tests, the quality is guaranteed.
3. No foot screws are required for installation, and the diesel engine can be used as power in places without power supply.
4. The shearing section is large, the scissors are easy to adjust, the operation is safe, and the overload protection is easy to achieve.

Crocodile shearsSafe operating procedures:
1. The equipment should be operated by a designated person, and other people should not use it arbitrarily without training.
2. Before driving, check whether all parts are normal and whether the fasteners are firm.
3. It is forbidden to cut unannealed steel parts, cast iron parts, soft metal parts, too thin workpieces, workpieces whose length is less than the specified width, and workpieces that exceed the length of the scissors.
4. During operation, the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment, and attention should be paid to the safety of the surrounding personnel to prevent the material from being lifted and hurting people. When cutting, the material should be cut as close as possible to the inside of the knife. When cutting short materials, the hand-held workpiece should not be used for feeding, and clamps should be used for feeding.
5. When the equipment is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the post without authorization. When the work is completed or temporarily leaves the post, the power supply should be cut off. At the same time, the machine should not be repaired or touched the moving parts with hands, and it is strictly forbidden to press the material in the material box with hands or feet. .
6. Each lubricating part of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift as required.

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