Heating furnace

  • Tube Heating Furnace-Industrial Smelting Furnace

    Tube Heating Furnace-Industrial Smelting Furnace

    Tube heating furnace is a process heating furnace used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical and chemical fiber industries, which has several features that are not found in other industrial smelting furnaces. Basic features: has a combustion chamber surrounded by refractory materials, using the heat generated by the combustion of fuel to heat the material of a device. Tube heating furnace characteristics. 1) The heated material flows inside the tube, so it is limited to heating ga...
  • Industrial Heating Furnace Steel Melting

    Industrial Heating Furnace Steel Melting

    Product Name Heating furnace Fields Metallurgical industry Brand Runxiang Classification Continuous heating furnace and chamber heating furnace Structure Preheating section, heating section and even heating section Regulations The new furnace must be put into operation in accordance with the prescribed procedures to bake the furnace In the metallurgical industry, a heating furnace is a device (industrial furnace) that heats materials or workpieces (usually metals) to the temperat...
  • Industrial Metal Heating Furnace

    Industrial Metal Heating Furnace

    • Heating temperature:1250
    • Bunkers:
    • Natural gas, heavy oil, diesel, coal
    • Product description: Equipment for heating billets
  • Smelting equipment

    Smelting equipment

    Smelting is one of the casting production processes. The pyrometallurgical process in which metal materials and other auxiliary materials are put into the heating furnace for melting and quenching and tempering, and certain physical and chemical changes occur in the materials in the furnace at high temperature (1300 ~ 1600K), so as to produce crude metal or metal enrichment and slag. In addition to concentrate, calcine, sinter, etc., sometimes it is necessary to add flux to make the charge ea...
  • Heating equipment (Continuous energy saving type)

    Heating equipment (Continuous energy saving type)

    • Product description: Steel rolling, smelting, casting, heating, rolling mill, intermediate frequency furnace, continuous casting machine, heating furnace, roll
  • heating furnace (Continuous, automatic)

    heating furnace (Continuous, automatic)

    ◆ is mainly used for heating the blank before rolling;◆ adopt patent multi-strand jet structure, flame dispersion combustion technology;◆ heating quality is good, the temperature difference between section and length direction of billet is small.◆ only upper heating, generally used for the thickness of 150 mm below the blank heating;The ◆ adopts P-HTAC control technology, adopts the PLC HMI distributed control system, the temperature control is accurate, the combustion is more sufficient, and...