High Quality Rolling Rebar Machine

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Rolling Speed:2.4m/s-45m/s

Roll Width:350-2200

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Product Type Rolling Rebar Machine Rolling Temperature Cold Rolling, Hot Rolling
Rolling Form Longitudinal, Horizontal Rolling Speed 2.4m/s-45m/s
Advantage Sturdy And Durable, Stable Operation Roll Width 350-2200
Roll Diameter φ280-1300 Brand Runxiang
Motor Power 22-110kw Place Of Origin Guangxi, China


High Quality Rolling Rebar MachineReinforcing bar mill, is to achieve the metal rolling process of machinery and equipment. Generally refers to the completion of the whole process of rolling steel production equipment, including the main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transport equipment and ancillary equipment. But the general term rolling mill often refers only to the main equipment.

Reinforcing Bar Mill advantages

1. Made of high quality raw materials, strong and durable, with high wear resistance.

2. High precision, stable performance and high surface finish, tightly bonded.

3. Strong and durable process, high surface hardness. High abrasion resistance, long service life.

High Quality Rolling Rebar Machine product details.

1. Material selection: In order to ensure the quality of materials, the company carries out strict quality control on raw materials and accessories to ensure that the strength and stability of the products in the production process is strongly guaranteed.

2. Hardness assurance: Roll is the core component of the steel rolling mill equipment. It has an important influence on the quality and appearance of the rolled products, so the company has strict inspection methods for the material and hardness of the rolls.

3. Precision processing: Large CNC lathes and machining centers are used to ensure that the precision of the machined parts meets the design standards, which guarantees the normal operation of the equipment.

4. Process assurance: Only under the strict requirement of quality of each mill part can each part be connected together smoothly and assembled into a whole rolling line, and perfect process design is the foundation.

Guangxi Runxiang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. now has the production process of steel making, steel casting, heat treatment, mechanical processing, overlay welding, etc., forming an integrated industrial chain of steel making, casting, metal heat treatment and mechanical processing.

The main equipments are: 3 sets of medium frequency furnace, 1 set of centrifuge, 2 sets of heat preservation furnace, 2 sets of heat treatment furnace, 1 set of spectral analyzer, more than 30 sets of various milling machines, mantle, lying and welding lathes and advanced testing equipment.

The products are mainly sold to all over the world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, so that high-quality products around the sail, out of Asia to the world!

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