Heating Furnace Area Equipment Maintenance Procedures

1.Keep the heating furnace body clean,found that there are debris or dirty things on the furnace (including the top of the furnace) should be cleaned up in time.

2.Operators should always check whether the furnace wall and roof are in good condition, if found that the expansion seam is too large, string fire and other situations should be handled in time to avoid the expansion of the problem.

3.Billet into the furnace, pay attention not to load bent steel (deformation serious billet is not allowed to enter the furnace), timely turn steel, so as not to scratch the furnace wall.

4.Strictly implement the operating procedures to avoid burning the furnace roof at too high a temperature.

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5.If the furnace wall is found to be partially burnt, it should be repaired by using the opportunity of furnace shutdown for maintenance.

6.After using two to three years, use the opportunity to repair the furnace body steel plate (package furnace steel plate) to paint once, so as to avoid corrosion and rusting of the furnace body steel plate.

7.Regularly (normal for half a year) to clean the furnace iron oxide.

8.The operator should always check the heating furnace fan, air ducts, steam pipes whether there is leakage, whether the valve is rusted phenomenon, found that the above problems are dealt with in a timely manner.

9.adhere to the normal point inspection and lubrication system of the fan. In strict accordance with the point check table settings for point inspection. Every shift on the fan parts point inspection, there are abnormalities in a timely manner and measures reported.

10.Check the vaporization cooling system, steam package pressure, water level and temperature display frequently to maintain the normal water level of the package, so that no water, no leaks, problems found in a timely manner.

Post time: Mar-15-2023