Steel Rolling Mill Reducer

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The input shaft of the mill reducer is connected to the motor by a drum tooth coupling, and is transmitted to the mill by a universal coupling through a reduction shunt, respectively.

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The characteristics of the steel rolling mill reducer, the form of damage.

1,Characteristics of the main reducer
Low speed, heavy load, shock load, the number of frequent shocks currently used in small and medium-sized steel rolling mill main drive reducer has two configurations.
Motor - reducer - rolling mill
Motor – reducer – gear block – mill
In the first configuration, the reducer is directly connected to the mill and is working under severe load. Therefore, the design should be differentia ted according to the specific use and configuration, and the second configuration is used in the design.

2,the main reducer gear damage form
Production practice has proved that the main form of rolling mill reducer gear damage manifested as pitting, plastic deformation, gluing, wear, spalling rather than broken teeth.

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Lifting, transportation, installation

1. When lifting the whole box, the lifting hole of the lower box must be used, and the lifting hole of the upper box must not be used to lift.

2. The gear box should be placed horizontally and fixed on the support when transported and stored.

3. Do not drag and pull the gear box to avoid damaging the bottom surface.

4. The base of gear box installation should have enough rigidity, and the mat should be under the box, and the level of the base installation surface should be 0.04/1000.

5. After tightening the foot bolt, use the percentage table to check near the bolt, when the bolt is relaxed, the box moves, indicating that the foundation is not level or gasket is not well padded, should be recalibrated.

6. After adjusting the level, the input shaft to the motor shaft requires coaxiality tolerance ¢0.040. The input shaft coupling must be installed according to its standard requirements.

Safety precautions during use

Before using the mill reducer (installation, operation, maintenance, point inspection, etc.), you must familiarize yourself with this instruction manual and other subsidiary information and use it correctly. For the knowledge of the machine, safety matters and matters that should be noted should be familiar with the reading before use. After reading, it should be kept in a place where the actual user can see.

When carrying, setting, arranging pipes, running, operating, maintaining and inspecting the machine, it must be carried out by personnel with specialized knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it may cause injury, or breakage of the machine.

Do not disassemble and dismantle the reducer while the machine is in operation. Even if the input and output flanges of the reducer are connected to the motor and other machinery when operation is stopped, do not disassemble the oil inspection port, oil supply and discharge port, or parts other than the inspection cover. There is a possibility of falling, rapid flying away and other personal accidents or damage to the device due to the gears’ gearing deflection.

Do not use outside the specifications of the gearhead. There is a risk of injury to persons and breakage of the device, etc.

Do not put fingers or objects into the opening of the gearhead. This may cause injury or damage to the unit.

Do not use a damaged speed reducer. Injury and damage may occur.

Transmission Gearbox

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